Serving @ FBC

We are blessed to have a wonderful Team working together to make

FBC a great place to worship.

The goal of each of these Teams is to help you

be able to focus on Jesus the entire time you are here.

And if one of these groups sounds like it is an area you in which you would like to serve,

we will be glad to wecome you to the Team!

  • 1st Touch

    When you visit FBC for the first time or the 100th time, we want you to feel welcome!!

    1st Touch serves the church by greeting everyone who comes to worship with us. They do this by sharing a smile and a handshake, by giving people a ride to their car in the golf cart, by showing people to seats in the Worship Center and by answering questions.

    If you like to meet new people, be helpful and serve, join us on the 1st Touch Team.

  • 1st Students

    From Sunday morning to Wednesday nights to events, there are many avenues to serve the Students of FBC and the community.  If you would like more information or to start serving, email

  • 1st Kids

    From greeters to Share Group Leaders, there are a variety of areas that you can serve. If you only can serve once a month or every Sunday, we will plug you into the position that fits you best. You can be like Jesus to these little children! If you would like more information or to start serving e-mail

    We currently need K-1st Share Group Leaders, Kids Worship assistants, Preschool Age Leaders

    Job descriptions

  • Library

    Our library is located on the first floor of the Administration building. The library contains over 5,000 books freely accessible to you and your family; the library also houses the many historical archives of First Baptist Church.

    See one of the volunteers to get your library card. If you have a question regarding the library, please email us at

  • Media-Tech

    This team serves the church by providing all the sound, lighting, and media elements for our worship services and events. If you enjoy working with "techie" things, we will be glad to have you join us!