It is crucial that you know about bathing and grooming care if you’ve got a dog, or if you’re planning to welcome a pet dog into your house. Aside from keeping them healthy and clean, grooming and bathing your dog will also keep you and your home clean too! 

Before you call a mobile grooming Las Vegas NV, here are several things you’ve got to know about bathing a dog.  

Reasons to Bathe a Dog 

Bathing your dog when required is a crucial part of pet care in general. Getting rid of the bad smell is one of the most reasons to bathe a dog. This is particularly true if the dog has a healthy coat and skin. You also have to bathe them if they have collected dirt on their coat.  

Bathing your dog can also help in cleaning their coat and skin. This will help them improve the shine of their hair coat and get rid of debris, scale, and loose hair.  

Bathing might be part of their medical treatment plan as required by the veterinarian for dogs with certain skin illnesses.  

How Frequent Should You Bathe a Dog 

The answer to this question differs between every single dog and their certain needs. Basically, you will only have to bathe a dog whenever it is needed.  

In general, bathing is needed whenever a dog has a foul smell. You should also bathe them if they have gathered mud or dirt on their coat.  

Bathing is likely not required at that stage if your dog is not dirty and if smells normal. Keep in mind that almost every dog has a healthy dog smell.  

You can easily dry out the hair coat and skin of your dog if you bathe it too frequently. It might result in several issues. The reason for this is that you are stripping away too frequently the natural oils on the coat and skin of your dog. To help avoid the skin from drying out because of excessive bathing, you should only bathe your dog when it is required.  

As part of their treatment plan, dogs with skin issues might need different bathing schedules. Of course, you can always ask your local veterinarian for advice.  

Since swimming can work like a bath, other dogs that do this activity might need less bathing. Keep in mind that you should supervise always your dog and stick to shallow and safe waters where your dog can touch the ground at all times if you do enable your dog to occasionally swim.  

What Type of Shampoo to Utilize 

Your local vet clinic can offer advice about the most appropriate products for your dog. Always pick a shampoo that is made specifically for dogs. You should not utilize human shampoo on your dogs since the skin pH of a dog is not the same as the skin pH of a human. In addition to that, dogs also have sensitive skin. That’s why it is always best to ask your vet for recommendations.